The following is a "whittled down" version of a kit I have on file for "E.M.T./PARAMEDIC'S PERSONAL FIRST AID KIT". For those people with medical training please contact me at the above address for the complete list.

For a personal kit consider the counts (cnt) listed as maximum. Most people will not need 40 plastic band aids, for example, or even both sizes. You may want to throw in 10 or 20 of the larger ones, as in a pinch they will cover smaller wounds too. However, don't cut your own throat. Keep in mind it may be some time before a drug store is open again.

Any first aid kit will be a plus. For most people the easiest first aid kit will be a store bought one (Johnson and Johnson, etc). Depending on the size and cost of the store kit you may want to add some personal thing as well. If you are using a store kit compare the following list to what your kit has. If you are building your own kit here is the starting point.

Remember, this list is a starting point. Any list, for anything, is a basic list to build from. Look over all of these lists and feel free to personalize them.


Medications -
Aspirin, 300 mg tablets
Ibuprofen, 200 mg tablets (Advil, etc.)
Ammonia inhalant, 10 cnt
K-Y Jelly, 2 oz tube
Sodium Cloride tablets, 1 g
Laxative-Antacid (Milk of Magnesia, etc.)
Phosphorated Carbohydrate solution (for nausea/vomiting)
Betadine solution, 8 oz bottle
Alcohol swabs, 20 cnt.

Bandages -
Plastic strips, 3/4" wide, 20 count
Plastic strips, 1" wide, 20 cnt.
Butterfly closures, 20 cnt.
Gauze pads, 2" x 2", 10 cnt.
Gauze pads, 4" x 4", 10 cnt.
Gauze pads, Eye pads, 5 cnt.
Adhesive pads, 2" x 3", 10 cnt.
Surgical sponge dressings, 4" x 4", 10 cnt.
Surgical sponge dressings, 5" x 9", 10 cnt.
Flexible gauze ("Kling" type), 2" x 5yds, 2 cnt.
Flexible gauze ("Kling" type), 4" x 5yds, 2 cnt.
Triangular bandage

Misc. Equipment -
Medical tape, 2 rolls
Hemostats, straight, 9"
Hemostats, curved, 9"
"E.M.T." Shears
Finger splints - 1ea, small, med., large
Rescue Breather w/ one way valve
Penlight - extra batteries
Foil "space" blanket, 2 cnt.

Additional Kits -
Diabetic Kit --
Glucose tablets, 5 g, 5 count
Syringe, disposable, 1 cc, 10 cnt.
Lance and Lancet system (for blood sampling)
Test strips for blood sugar
Reagent strips for Urinalysis
Bee Kit --
Antihistamine tablets
1/1000 Epinephrine
Syringe, disposable, 1 cc, 10 cnt.
Snake Bite Kit --
Suction cups

This list was suggested by the Harbor City Volunteer Ambulance Squad, Melbourne, Florida, and compiled by Dave H. Messinger, N4QPM.