The "real" scoop on Machine Guns

Many people do not realize, and understandably so, "Machine Guns" or more properly "fully automatic firearms" were severely regulated back in 1934. But to hear the mass media attempt to describe them or the hype surrounding them one may think fully automatic firearms are prevalent in our society.

First, it is legal to own a fully automatic "machine gun" after passing an extensive background check through the FBI, submitting fingerprints, having your family and friends interviewed and showing the government agents (FBI and ATF) where and how securely you will be storing this firearm. Then you are granted a Federal Firearms License, class 3. Now each time you buy or sell one of these collector's items you pay a $200 transfer tax ... so the Federal Government can track exactly where that serial number (and gun) is going. Anyone caught without this paperwork, illegally transferring a class 3 weapon or illegally possessing a class 2 weapon could be looking up to 10 years in jail.

The mass media, however, does not seem to discriminate between fully and semi-automatic ... either out of ignorance or design. Ususally the news report goes something like, "a man was scared today by a recently paroled, yet fully rehabilitated gentleman carrying an "automatic" AK-47. Well, this begs the question; "Was it fully-automatic or semi-automatic"?

A semi-automatic AK-47 or any other "semi-automatic autoloader" fires only as fast as a person can pull the trigger ... and its one shot per trigger pull. In fact, there is little advantage a semi-auto, pistol or rifle, has over a classic double action revolver (six-gun). As far as rate-of-fire goes any gun in these catagories (revolver, semi-auto pistol or semi-auto rifle) all fire about the same "speed" ... as fast as your finger can work the trigger. But please don't forget; rapidly fired shots are no use to anyone if they are not aimed, hence the speed decreases to allow for aiming. Other wise the result is what is called "spray & pray"

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