What is a Lady's Gun?

One of the popular myths in today's firearms circles is about what is referred to as a "Lady's Gun".

I once asked my husband what his definition of a "Lady's Gun" was. He started laughing and when he finished laughing, he explained that a "Lady's Gun" was whatever firearm the lady happened to be holding in her hand at the time.

It doesn't make any difference what type of firearms women use, just as with males, whatever you are competent and comfortable with is your lady's gun. More directly; 1) Whatever you are comfortable and accurite with and 2) What ever is comfortable for you to carry. No gun is useful if you are in a parking lot and your gun is at home in the dresser drawer.

With today's gunsmithing services that are available such as porting, recoil buffers, custom fitted grips and trigger tuning there is no reason why females have to be limited to small caliber firearms. In fact, a small caliber may be dangerous in the sence that it will give you peace of mind yet not stop the attacker.

Porting involves drilling a series of holes, usually near the muzzle end of the barrel on the top to vent some of the gasses that cause recoil. If the gas is vented up it helps keep the gun from flipping up while releasing some of the pressure before the actual recoil happens. This basically reduces the "kick" when the gun is fired. Custom or after market grips come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, with or without finger groves, in different kinds of plastics, rubbers or woods. Cherry, walnut, maple, real ivory, "plastic ivory", smooth or checkered. You would be hard pressed not to find a grip that is comfortable and will fit small to medium female hands.

When I think back at all the firearms that I have shot, the list is as follows: In the pistol category I have shot everything from .22 caliber all the way up to .44 magnum. In the shotgun category I have shot everything from .410 to 12 gauge. And in the rifle category I have shot everything from .22 up to .308 Winchester. So as you can see, just because we are female we are not limited to the smaller calibers.

One of my weapons of choice is a Sig Sauer Model 239 chambered for .40 S&W. When I first fired the weapon it had an excessive amount of recoil. After having the barrel ported it dramatically reduced recoil and now it is a pleasure to shoot. My other weapon of choice is a Ruger GP-100 chambered for .357 magnum.

So ladies as you can see any firearm can be your lady's gun.

This article was written by a female, for females, and I hope that it helps eliminate the myth that females can only shoot small caliber firearms.


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