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I do not understand the mentality that states their cause is to disarm the nation. First, with the number of firearms that have proliferated throughout this country in the last 400 plus years it would be near impossible to "round up all the guns".

Secondly, and more importantly, it seems obvious to me that if firearms are outlawed the only people that will pay any attention will be, by definition, the law-abiding. Therefore, the parties these laws should be addressing, the unlawful criminal, will ignore these and other laws. Logically, by definition, criminals break laws ... they could care less about a new law.

From the meager research I have done there seems to be plenty of laws on the books already (upwards of 200,000 nationwide counting city, county, state and Federal laws). Should we not be enforcing these laws? And when they are enforced should we not make sure the law breakers are "sent away" for the maximum penalty. I am nauseated when I hear stories of murders released after just a few years behind bars. Have we, as a society, degraded our standards to a point where (FBI statistics state) a murderer serves an average of just seven years after factors such as being let out for "good behavior" or released due to overcrowding. Is this how little we value life?

Wishing you "good hunting" in your quest to stay informed,
Uncle Dave,
NRA Life Endowment Member

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