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Uncle Dave's List of Links

Stay tuned; this list is G R O W I N G!

Web Pages Uncle Dave oversees;
The Uncle Dave Organization
Palm Beach County ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service)
SE FL Chapter ABATE - Motorcycle Rights Group

People Pages Animals Mapping & Navigation Misc.
Pet Supplies GPS Navigation E-cards

Government Weather Amateur Radio Motorcycles
United States Dave's Fav's Call Sign Search Engines Local Clubs
State of Florida NWS & Gov. Sites Clubs Other ABATE Chapters
Palm Beach County Specific Hurricane Sites Manufactures Other Clubs / National Info.
Regulatory Agencies Dealers & Shops
MC Parts & Accessories

Firearms Science
Florida Information Astronomy
Firearms Equipment
Firearms Manufacurers & Ammo
Firearms Organizations

*People Pages*

The home page for Richard, KF4HVT. Palm Beach County ARES Training Coordinator. Along with personal info find out the latest on ARES training in Palm Beach County.

Vic Behan's Home Page - A Hog (tm) ridin', Radio operatin', car collecting "happy guy".

V2Vic - V2 Vic's Home Page; a good bro', a family man, a good wrench, a scooter tramp ... what else can I say about our very own SE Chapter ABATE Vice Pres.n? {:-) Take a look at Vic's site, he put a lot of work in to it!

Mikki "Mouse" Baker's tribute to puppies of all sorts, especially Pit Bulls and German Shepheards. Read about her puppies. Lots of interesting links.


Humane Society of the United States

www.dog.com - Just about anything you want to know about dogs
www.greatdane.com - You got it ... Great Danes
The Chako Rescue Association for the American Pit Bull Terrier, Inc. - Lots of good info. (esp. on traveling with) your Pit Bull Terrier
Mikki "Mouse" Baker's tribute to puppies of all sorts, especially Pit Bulls and German Shepheards. Read about her puppies. Lots of interesting links.
A new list of Dog Breeds.

Viet Nam War Dogs - The TV Special, The Video Tape, The Memorial. Find out about the dogs that saves the lives of numberous GIs. These dogs, who served thier country just as any patriotic human, were left behind and almost forgotten. Some of the handlers and vets involved are raiseing money for a memorial. You can help just by buying dog food or WAR DOGS MEMORABILIA or even by buying a video tape to find out the history and story behind these amazing animals.

Pet Supplies

www.petopia.com - Juat about anything you would need/want for your little furball, feather head, or swimmer. Good tips on life style and care too!
Ray Allen Maufacturing - Specializing in Police & Military K-9 Training & Schutzhund Dog Sport Equipment


The International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota. Information, membership, news and events ... and some great Wolf Gifts (I love my T-shirt)! Anyone interested in Wolves should be a member!
Defenders of Wildlife
Southern Rockies Wolf Web
LoneWolf Design - Beautiful Poetry and Images about Wolves
Mission:Wolf - Sanctuary for Wolves
O'siyo! - Beautiful Poetry and Images about Wolves (Thanks, PES!)


Planes & Flag
A quick note:
In the only country in the history of our planet that was started for the express reason of freedom we have the unalienable right to not only vote for representatives but the right and duty to watch over them. This is why this section is so important. We must become and remain "Politically Active". No matter what your view or philosophy, make your voice heard. Welcome to America and remember "We are the people"!

One problem with becoming "Politically Active" is you have a hard time tracking down the information you need to make an informed decision. Even little things like your Senator's or Representative's Address to write them a letter. Just getting started is tough. I had to pull out my Voter's Registration Card, look up what districts I am in to track down and find out WHO my representatives are.

Well, I'm going to try to make things a little easier for anyone interested in contacting their State or US representatives. Here you will find links to Tons-o-Info. On the Florida web site there is even a map to help you locate your voting district. At the US House of Representative's web site just enter your zip code and it will search out your district. Of course, if you have your Voter's Registration Card handy it will make things that much easier.

You will want to watch this page as I will be adding other governmental agencies and more information as I discover it. If you know a good site with good information, please drop me a line (e-mail address at the bottom) and I'll share it here on the page.

The United States Legislature

The US Senate's home page. Find your Senator if you're not in Florida. If you are in Florida then the home pages for your Senators are:
US Senator Connie Mack (R) and US Senator Bob Graham (D) .

The home page for US House of Representatives - 105th Congress. Here you can look up your Congressional Representative ... with just your zip code.

Other information from Congress:

The Law Library of Congress began its existence in 1801 essentially as a collection of law books. But in 1832, Congress ordered the 2,011 law books of the Library of Congress separated from its general collection, and the Law Library of Congress was thereby established. Its mission is to provide research and legal information to the U.S. Congress as well as to U.S. Federal Courts and Executive Agencies, and to offer reference services to the public. To accomplish this mission, it has created the world's largest collection of law books and other legal resources from all countries, and now moves into the age of digitized information with these online databases and guides to legal information worldwide.

US Congress on the Internet - Information on The Congressional Record, Voting Records and Bills, pending and passed.

Other US Government Agencies:

Everyone's Favorite US Government Department; The IRS.
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency

State of Florida Government

Florida Government Services Direct - A "Directory Assistance" for The State of Florida Government Services.
Guide to Florida State Government (from The Library of Congress)
Florida Government Services Direct

Florida Legislature:

Find your Florida State Legislator
The Official Guide to the State of Florida Legislature
Executive Office of the State of Florida (The Office of The Governor and The Lieutenant Governor)

Other Florida Government Agencies:

Florida Division of Emergency Management
Florida Emergency Operations Center Activation Information

Palm Beach County Government

Palm Beach County Government Home Page
PBC Agency Phone List
PBC Amateur Radio Emergency Service works closely with PBC Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service. Both are utilized in times of emergency, public need or simply for public service. ARES is a more civilian based group, where as RACES is an extension of local, state and Federal Government. Both groups are totally volunteer.

*Mapping & Navigation*

GPS Navigation

AERCOMTEC Providing North America with Vehicle and Asset Tracking!
Ashtec just murged with Magellan GPS Systems. High Tech GPS found here.
Del Norte - Rugged, commercial GPS units.
Garmin - A wide variety of consumer GPS and outdoor products.
Magellan - Marine, land and aviation GPS products.


Index of /neworl/weather/ - Kind of a neat site. Lots of pictures and files to download. Very text based menu. Not exciting, but informative.
The Weather Channel - The same place you've heard about on your cable or satilite system. Good for all around information.
weatherTAP.com - The Fastest Weather on the Web. Check out this site....subscription based but seems very interesting.

Dave's Fav's

TROPICAL PREDICTION CENTER - Your TAX dollars at work. Also known as; "NOAA.gov". This is the government's site! Also found here is The National Hurricane Center. Expect it to be busy when the storms are a brewin'. Great info. including predictions, press releases, etc.
A nice collection of Satellite Images at marineweather.com

NWS & Gov. Sites

NWS Welcome Page This IS the National Weather Service.
NWS-Miami, Florida Our "local" office here in South Florida.
Interactive Weather Information Network - National Weather Service - Interactive Weather Information Network (IWIN). Here we have graphic and text based data collected from earth based and space based sources. A wealth of info.
This is the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, known as the Hurricane Hunters of the Air Force Reserve, part of the 403rd Wing, based at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi.
FEMA's Tropical Weather Information

Specific Hurricane Sites;

The Mystery Site. I'm not sure who runs this site. The name "TERRAPIN" is on the server but, honestly, I'm not sure who they are. Anyone with information please drop me an e-mail. In any case, it's very informative and up to date.
This just in: The Mystery Site Unmasked ... an explanation.
This is the Florida State University Meteorology Dept. with Florida Explores!. Lots of good grafics, Sat. imagery, and text based information. A required stop when watching the tropics.
CIMSS Tropical Cyclones - Real time and archive data from all over the world.
hurricane.com (real-time satellite images)
Hurricane Hunters Home Page

*Amateur Radio*

PBC Amateur Radio Emergency Service works closely with PBC Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service. Both are utilized in times of emergency, public need or simply for public service. ARES is a more civilian based group, where as RACES is an extension of local, state and Federal Government. Both groups are totally volunteer.
PBC Ham Events Calendar - Covering Palm Beach County, South Florida & any area we get information about.
The home page for Richard, KF4HVT. Palm Beach County ARES Training Coordinator. Along with personal info find out the latest on ARES training in Palm Beach County.

Call Sign Search Engines

Welcome to QRZ! - Look up yourself or a buddy. A search engine for Ham Radio Operators.

HamCall(tm) Query Results - As above, another version too look up operators.

Clubs & Organizations

For something REAL interesting take a look Israel Amateur Radio Club Yes, you read it right, Israel!
Boca Raton Amateur Radio Association, Inc. - For those that have been around Boca Raton, Florida for a while, this is "the old IBM club". President Dave Gendle, KC4WVQ and the membership have not "just kept it going" it's prospering. There is are both 2-meter and 440 machines, Monday night nets and monthly meetings. Take a look ...
ARRL's Home Page - From here you can JOIN The American Radio Relay League (the nation wide Ham Club) or just look at all the information they have.
ARRLWeb: Hamfest and Convention Calendar - 'nuf said.
For further information on RACES take a look at http://www.qsl.net/races/. FCC rules governing RACES and links to ARES/RACES sites aroung the country.
The guys at qsl.net are doing a very good job in opening up a sever for free e-mail and free web sites ... if you haven't looked at it take a look at the qsl.net home page.
AMSAT-NA - The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation including information on OSCAR (Orbiting Satilite Carrying Amateur Radio).
Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment - Very often there is a Ham on board the shuttle flights. If you're in to "space" or the shuttle this site is well worth looking in to.
Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) Home Page - Any thing having to do with Packet Radio must start here.
RSGB Front Page - The Radio Society of Great Britain.
Radio Amateurs of Canada - New and views for the Canadian Amateur.


Kenwood Communications Corporation - Kenwood's Home Page.
ICOM America, Inc. - Icom Radio's Home Page (My choice for equipment).
Yaesu Home Page - Yaesu Amateur Radio's & Vertex Land Mobile Radio's Home Page.

Regulatory Agencies

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) - The guys that control our radio lives ...
FEMA Home Page - The Federal Emergency Management Agency
International Telecommunication Union (ITU) -The governing body of all radio communications, world wide.


Babe on HD - a fun site with a biker theme. Run by a "babe" (her pic. is on the site). Lots of interesting stuff from Tech Tips & d-loads to Biker Chat & Games for Bikers.
Bandit's Biker Net - Updates from Bandit about the site, his travels, his bikes and his thoughts on life
Big Bikes Interactive
Born To Ride Productions - TV Show, Event Schedule, News and Merchandise
Rats Hole - Custom Chopper Shows
Whitehorse Press - Motorcycle Books

Local Clubs

So East ABATE's Home Page - American Bikers Aiming Toward Education
This is South East Florida ABATE's "official" web page.
Chosen Ones M/C - "The Red & Black Attack" ... these guys definitely RIDE! Their other motto; "We Choose To Ride More Than A Barstool!" Take a look at their site; you can read about their ride through Canada to Fairbanks, AK and back to Key West.
The South Florida Confederation of Clubs - Thier goal is to preserve "Basic Constitutional Rights".
Palm Beach Hog - Palm Beach County, Florida
Miami Hog Chapter - Miami, Florida

Florida ABATE Chapters

Florida State web page
North Florida; Caloosahatchee Chapter Citrus County Chapter Duval County Chapter
Central Florida; Independence Chapter Polk County Chapter
South Florida; Gator Alley Chapter Lower Keys SoEast Chapter

ABATE Chapters Around The Country
- Alabama -
- Alaska - Anchorage Kenai Peninsula
- Arizona - Arizona State
- Arkansas - Arkansas State
- California - California State #3 Thousand Oaks #6 San Diego #7 Hollywood #10 Tuolumne County #13 Ventura County #16 Santa Barbara #29 Morongo Basin #32 Santa Clara #37 Santa Cruz
- Colorado - Colorado State N.E. Region Distict 8 (Durango)
- Connecticut - Connecticut State
- Delaware - Delaware State
- Florida - listed above
- Georgia - Georgia State
- Hawaii -
- Idaho -
- Illinois - Illinois State Blackhawk Chicago Dukane Lincoln Land Northern Open Roads Shoal Creek St. Claire
- Indiana - Indiana State Duboise County
- Iowa - Iowa State District 10 District 23 District 24
- Kansas - Kentucky State District #5 District 8 District 11
- Kentucky - E-Town
- Louisiana - Maryland State Baltimore County
- Massachusetts - Massachusetts State
- Michigan -
- Minnesota -
- Mississippi - Mississippi State
- Missouri - Missouri State #25 #29
- Montana - Montana State N.W. Chapter
- Nebraska -
- Nevada -
- New Hampshire - New Hampshire State
- New Jersey -
- New Mexico -
- New York - New York State Southern Tier Waynes/Seneca
- North Carolina -
- North Dakota -
- Ohio - Ohio State Clinton City Mahoning County Region 5 Region 7 Region 8 Trumbell County Portage County
- Oklahoma - Oklahoma State
- Oregon - Oregon State
- Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania State Allegheny Delaware Valley Fayette County Lancaster Philadelphia
- Rhode Island -
- South Carolina -
- South Dakota - Beaufort Souix River
- Tennessee -
- Texas - Texas State TMRA II
- Utah - Utah State
- Vermont -
- Washington - Washington State AMA #27 Bellingham Cowlitz North Kitsap Olympia Pacific Spokane
- West Virginia - Logan Boone
- Wisconsin - Wisconsin State
- Wyoming - Wyoming State

Other Clubs / National Info.

American Motorcyclist Association - They're fighting for your right to ride too! Be it off-road, on-road or on the track.
Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) of Pennsylvania
BOLT of PA./Freebikers is a rider's rights group out of Lancaster, PA. similar to ABATE.
Rec.moto/DoD Home Page - The Denizens of Doom Motorcycle Club. Some great (and wierd) "on the road" pic's.
International Riders' Rights Directory
MOTORCYCLE ONLINE - An on-line magazine and a really cool site.

Dealers & Shops

HD Dealers:
Harley-Davidson (The Factory!)
Harley-Davidson Dealer Locator page

Adamec's HD - Orange Park, FL
Adamec's Regency HD - Jacksonville, FL
Barnett HD - El Paso, Tx
Daytona HD(Ya, In Daytona Beach, FL!)
Dick Farmer's HD - Orlando, FL
Ft. Lauderdale HD
Gator HD - Leesburg, FL
HD of Lakeland, FL
HD of Miami, FL
HD of Tampa, FL
HD of West Virgina
Pacific HD - Honolulu, Hawaii

Other Manufacturers/Dealers:
California Motorcycle Company - A semi-custom manufacturer
Confederate Motorcycles - A semi-custom manufacturer
Mastiff Motorcycles - Dirt Bikes & Scooters
used-harley-davidsons.com's links page - tons of links to anything motorcycle related
used-harley-davidsons.com - OR check out their home page

MC Parts & Accessories

Aerostich/Rider Wearhouse - Leathers & Accessories
Biker's Discounts - Plantation, FL
Canyon Run - HD Parts
Custom Chrome - HD Parts
Dennis Kirk - MC Accessories for ON and OFF-road
Heaven Cycle - Miami, FL
Ironbags - All sorts of Saddle Bags - Hard, Soft, Perm. Mount
MAS Classics - Vintage American Motorcycle Parts (HD & Indian, etc.)
Newbold Company - Motorcycle Inspired Jewelry, including skulls, flowers & screws ... Cool Stuff. Nostalgia Cycle - Parts, Kit Bikes and some of the best lookin' Ladies on the web
Superior Motorcycles - HD Parts & Accessories
The Pitstop - "Motorcycle Roadracing Stuff"
White Brothers - High-performance parts and accessories for Motorcycles, Mountain Bikes, and Personal Watercraft.


Delray & Palm Beach Shooting Centers
Concealed Carry (CCW) Data Base - Info on each state
www.guns.com - News and Links
HollowPoint Firearms Directory - Nothin' but links!
Sun Coast Gun Shows - Here's the latest Schedule!

Florida Information

FL Dept. of State, Div. of Licensing Home Page
FL Div. of Licensing, CCW Home Page
List of States that Honor a FL CCW


V-Line Industries - The Only Effective Way I have found to store a loaded firearm ... safely!

The Active Body Holster Co.
Bianchi International - Holsters and Accessories.
Joe Dioso's Firearm's Accessories
Safariland - Products for Law Enforcement, Concealed Carry
Uncle Mike's - Holsters and Shooting Accessories

Maufacturers & Ammo

Browning Firearms
Colt Manufacturing / Colt Firearms
Elephant Black Powder
Pro Mag Industries - Fine Quality Magazines
Remington Firearms & Ammunition
Ruger Firearms
Smith & Wesson Firearms
Winchester Ammunition
Winchester Repeating Arms Company


CCRKBA - Citizens Commitee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, including current and proposed legislation, books regarding the second amendment, and hundreds of articles.
J.P.F.O. - Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. The name says it all. A very informative group.
Neal Knox and The Firearms Hard Corps Home Page. Very Informative!
Guns Save Lives - The Group Dedicated to the Unquestionable Human Right to Keep and Bear Arms at All Times.
The N.R.A. - The National Rifle Association.



Astronomical Society of the Palm Beaches


These are some neat site that are difficult to catagorize. Different kinds of earch engines, FREE vertual greeting cards, Teddy Bears by mail, etc.
Four11 Directory Services - You know how you dial "411" on your phone to find somebody. Well, somebody realized we "were" missing that on the web. I say "were" because it here and it's been here for a while. I'm a member and you should be too. Unfortunately, they don't "just have" everyone's name and e-mail address. You have to log in and get listed ... so people can find you! Basic membership is FREE, companies pay a very small amount. And thay have a news letter too. Try it! You can look me up!
Beverly Hills Teddy Bears - Here the name pretty much sez it all. This is a free site to visit but obviously, if you're going to send someone a teddy bear (in-the-fur ... so to speak) it's not going to be free. They have some really cute bears ... check 'em out.
iVillage - This is a site for women. Info on how to ballance kids and a job, medical info, help with meal planning, etc. It also has a section where you can send E-Postcards. If you're a guy, your Lady will love getting a card from here.


Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards - You ever want to send someone a birthday or some other kind of card on the net? This is the place to do it. You'll need their e-mail address (see Four11 above) and a few minutes ... that's it. No stamp, no envelope, no filloing out a long address the Mail "person" won't be able to read anyway. Just a few clicks and it's done ... for FREE! Oh, well, Hallmark (remember; Hallmark is anti-gun!).
Oh My Goodness.com - If you've looked at Blue Mountain Arts' Cards (above) then you've seen the "tame" cards on the web. NOW, take a look at Oh My Goodness.com for the "WILD" side. Again, these are free cards but boy, some of them are fairly off-the-wall. Be advised: there are some "heavy R" or even "X-rated" cards on this site. Have Fun!
Hallmark Cards - Just like in the store. Some of these are free, some are not. Not one of my favorite sites, but has some cool stuff on it. (remember; Hallmark is anti-gun!)
Postcards from Prison - Some really cool (artsy) photos of prison life. Some in Black & White, some in colour.
MessageMates - Animated cards for all occations!

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