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So East ABATE's Home Page - ABATE (American Bikers Aiming Toward Education) is one of the most important groups around. This is South East Florida ABATE's "official" web page.

A complete listing of Motorcycle Events. Most of these are in South Florida, but you can find events listed all through out the state and the country.

For you Ladies new to having a "Scooter Tramp" in your life, read The Care and Feeding of your Biker. Admittedly a bit chauvinistic (and more "hard core" then the story below) ... but still rather true!

For you Ladies who's "Significant Other" recently got a scooter; The Harley Experience (and how to survive it) tells the tale from the (lady) yuppie point of view.

For us guys; here's a littel insight in to the "fairer sex". I don't understand them ... I'll be you don't either ... But here's something to to give you a little "head's up": Words About Women from an unknown Bro'.
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