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Hi! My name is Dave, though most of my bud's know me as "Uncle Dave".

Welcome to "The Information Age". Also known as; "Information Overload". As I bet you already know; If you're not keeping in touch, the world is passing you by. On that note, my pages are dedicated to the information I find the most interesting. You'll find "links" to all sorts of stuff.

Because of a strong belief in freedom, individual rights and my community I have started "The Uncle Dave Organization". The main focus is to provide a place for like minded organizations to post their information and for me to "help get the word out". As you look around my site you will find I am opinionated and some times stubborn. But, hay, isn't America and The First Amendment great!?!

Things you will not find here: Bigotry, Racism, Religious Sanctions (I'm Jewish) or slams on people's life styles, beliefs or creeds. This is mainly intended as an Information Service.

I try to keep organized, so things are categorized by topic. Please check back from time to time as new "links" will be added!

OK, a little about myself; I am a Ham Radio Operator (hence the "N4QPM" you'll see from time to time ... it's my call sign). For info on Ham Radio check out The Amateur Radio Pages listed off of the home page.

I also ride my bike every chance I get. It's a '92 Harley-Davidson FXDC "Dyna Custom". That's a picture of it up top. I have been riding since I was 10 years old, that's over 25 years now.
On the bike you should see a Wolf painted on my air filter ... I'm also very much "in to" wolves. (a close up of this painting) The painting was done by a wonderfull lady named Barri Wolfson in Delray Beach, Fl. (e-mail me if you would like to know more).

For work I do alot of things;
I run my own company where I am a Computer Hardware Tech'.
I also set up store displays and teach new consumer technologies to store salesmakers for a marketing company.
Once or twice a month I also teach basic firearms safety & operation to the wonderful people of Florida wishing to get certified and lawfully carry concealed. I am a certified NRA instructor in five disciplines. For more information check out The NRA Home Page
When I'm not teaching firearms I might be found teaching CPR. I'm an AHA CPR instructor. If you're interested in becomeing an instructor (or you have other questions) contact The American Heart Association or in South Florida contact Charles Canady at 5 Star Home Helth Care in Miami.

I also have more than a passing interest in Emergency Managment. I have been volunteering with Palm Beach County Division of Emergency Management, presently holding the title of Assistant Emergency Co-ordinator for the County. This puts me second in charge of Palm Beach County's Emergency Communications System.

I am also an Emergency Medical Technician (I'm just a technical kinda guy) which is basically a Paramedic without using the drugs.

Resently I worked for "your Federal Govenment" for three years as a computer network technician on stand-by for FEMA. I was a DAE (Disaster Assistance Employee). I feel this qualifies me to speek, some what intelligently, about our government's workings. For more information check out The FEMA Home Page

So, enough about me. If any of this information interests you please feel free to e-mail me (below), tell me a little about yourself, what's important to you, and if you would like to be a member of a joke network myself and some friends have going (we trade jokes via e-mail).

Whether you decide to e-mail me or not ... Best wishes & happy surfing!

The "Alpha Female" of Uncle Dave's pack.

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Let me know what you're thinking. Send mail to uncledave@uncledave.org.

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